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Elios tienen los tenedores. I have a dog. We have five dollars. You have one brother. You all have a pretty house. John has a cat. They have the forks. I have ten dollars. You have my books. She has a diamond el diamante. He has the knives el cuchillo and the spoons la cuchara. All of you [informal] have many friends. They have many cousins. I don't have the money.

Who has my keys la Nave? Why do you have a bird el pajaro in your car? When asking the age of someone or something, you literally ask how many years a person or thing has. How old are you? How old is Juan? How old is the car? How old are they? You are fifteen years old. Sanja is forty-six years old. My car is four years old. How old is the president?

Those boys are fifteen years old. Her cat is eight years old. Our house is one hundred years old. Below is a list of the most common of these idiomatic expressions. Note that in the examples, mucho or mucha indicates whether a noun is masculine or feminine. I am hungry. You're thirsty. He's cold. We're lucky. I am very hungry. You're very thirsty. He's warm. I'm very lucky. You all are in a big hurry.

Sacas una "A" en el examen. Tengo mucho orgullo. Tu no comes nada hoy. Juan compra una Coca-Cola. Juanita gana un millon de dolares. Es enero y tu no tienes un sueter. Jorge cree que dos y dos son cinco. Maria corre al autobus. Es julio y tu estas en Puerto Rico. Un monstruo esta en tu armario.

Tu crees que seis menos cuatro son dos. Es muy tarde y Ana y Margarita estan bostezando [yawning. Obligation To show obligation, use the following pattern, conjugating tener to correspond to the subject. Tienes que estudiar. Teneis que limpiar la casa. Juan tiene que estudiar. Elios tienen que bailar. I have to practice the piano. Do we have to eat this meat? You have to study. You all have to clean the house. John has to study. They have to dance. I have to read this book. You have to watch this program. Tony Manero has to dance.

He has to open the store every morning.

Película cristiana completa en español - "Donde está mi hogar" Dios me da una familia bendita

We have to decide now. You all have to write thank-you letters la carta de agradecimiento. Tener 39 7. I don't have to eat this soup. You have to take the medicine. It's your turn! List five things that you have to do tomorrow. Begin each sentence with a tener que expression. I work at McDonald's. I have to work every Friday and Saturday, and I have to wear a uniform. The uniform is white and orange and of course it has yellow arches on the sleeves. I have to be in the restaurant early in the morning.

There aren't any chairs because we have benches. The benches in "fast-food" restaurants are uncomfortable on purpose: The customers "eat and run" and, therefore, there is always room for more customers. There are McDonald's in almost every country in the world.

Every McDonald's has hamburgers and french fries. I live in Dublin. Ireland has almost one hundred McDonald's. My manager is twenty years old. It is used when the direct object of a verb is a specific person: An a is placed directly before the mention of that person, and it is known as the personal a. Note that the direct object—the noun that is affected directly by the verb—usually comes immediately after the verb in both English and Spanish.

Yo amo a Lucy. Miramos a Jorge. Buscas a mi hermano. Esperais a vuestro maestro. El ve a Susana. Elios aman a sus padres. I love Lucy. We watch George. You look for my brother. You all wait for your teacher He sees Susan. They love their parents. Veo a Juan. I see John. Veo el coche de Juan. Juan es profesor. John is a professor. Tengo dos hermanos. I have two brothers. Hay chicos en la casa.

There are boys in the house. Necesito una secretaria bilingiie. I need a bilingual secretary. Busco un amigo leal. Amo a mi preciosa gata, Princesa. Odio las termitas. I love my darling cat, Princess. I hate termites. Whom do you love? Whom are you watching? Veo al chico. I see the boy. Ella ama al hombre. She loves the man. Escuchamos al presidente. We listen to the president. Insert the personal a where needed in the following sentences. If none is needed, put an X in the blank. Traduccion Each of the following sentences requires a personal a. Romeo loves Juliet.

I don't believe Mary. You look for Andres. They discover a thief el ladron in the house. Do you see the girl? Do you believe the president? We're waiting for Sylvia.

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Timmy loves Lassie. It is very important to know these verbs and how to use them. In this chapter, we look at their most basic uses, as well as special features of some of these verbs. I give. He hears. You make. I play.

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I make. You all see. She goes. He says. We see. I see. You play. I leave. You say. I hear. He wants. Answer each of the following questions with a complete sentence. Another way to look at this is to see that the first verb is the real action, while the second verb is proposed action. Debo salir de la oficina. Podemos ver la luz. Ella quiere ser lingiiista. Elios no deben decirnos nada. I ought to leave the office. We can see the light. Can you swim well? Do you want to eat dinner now? She wants to be a linguist. Answer each of the following questions with a complete sentence in the present tense.

Describing the weather— hacer, estar The verbs hacer and estar are both used when talking about the weather. In other words, memorize the expressions that follow. Note the inclusion of the word a and the appropriate definite article before the name of the game. In many Spanish-speaking countries, however, people also use this verb without the inclusion of a or the definite article for example, juego beisbol. Even though some of these players are from the past, answer each of the following questions with a complete sentence in the present tense. Common irregular verbs 51 7. Remember that the first verb ir is conjugated, and the second verb is in the infinitive form.

Vamos a comprar una lampara. Va a llover. Elios no van a estar aqui. I am going to sing. We are going to buy a lamp. What are you going to do tomorrow? When are you all going to leave the room? I'm going to practice. You're going to work. She is going to watch television. We're going to sell the car. I'm not going to do anything. What are you going to do? Are you going to study or watch TV? We are not going to buy candy When are you all going to play? Responde a cada una de las preguntas siguientes con una frase completa.

Common irregular verbs 53 iVerdadero, falso o probable? I want to do something special. I'm going to have a big party. All my friends are coming to the party at two o'clock, i have a lot of friends. Each friend gives me a gift and tells me, "Happy Birthday. She makes the best cakes—she puts lots of chocolate on top of the chocolate cake! During my party, we're going to play soccer in the park. I can see the park from my house. Afterward, we're going to eat pizza and drink lemonade. I am very excited. I want to have the party right now!

It's going to be a wonderful party. Saber: to know information When dealing with facts and information, use saber. Se tu direccion. I know your address. Sabemos el numero de telefono. We know the telephone number. El no sabe donde trabajo.

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I know your name. You know the answer. She knows where you live. Do you know who has the money? Does he know where Maria is? You all know a lot. Saber que Se que su nombre es Juan. I know that his name is John. Do you know that she is pregnant? Elios no saben que los vemos.

I know that John is tall. You know that I'm hungry. She knows that you're thirsty. Do you know that I'm twenty-nine years old? We know that he is in a hurry. Do you all know that there are snakes la culebra in the garden el jardi'n? He doesn't know that you're in the garden. No se cocinar. Sabemos esquiar. El sabe escribir bien. I know how to read. We know how to ski. He knows how to write well. I know how to sing. You know how to speak Spanish. She knows how to cook very well. He doesn't know how to speak French. Fred and Ginger know how to dance. You all know how to play the piano.

Do you know how to ski? Who knows how to open this door? Saber and conocer 59 Traduccion vocabulario aparcar cierto conducir enfrente de la estacion de bomberos la gente llenar el mecanico saber de el tanque de gasolina to park true to drive in front of fire station people in general to fill mechanic to know about gas tank John is my mechanic.

He knows a lot about cars, and I am happy because I don't know anything about cars. No, it's not completely true, i know where the gas tank is and I know how to fill it. John knows that he has to know about cars and about people, because many people know very little about cars. The key word here is familiarity, for one can never know another person, place, thing, or body of knowledge completely conocer to know be familiar with conozco conocemos conoces conoceis conoce conocen Note that conocer is irregular only in the yo form.

Conozco a Felipe. I know Phillip. Lo conocemos. We know him. La conoceis. Maria conoce a Eduardo. Maria y Jorge lo conocen. You know Mary. You know her. Mary knows Edward. Mary and George know him. I know Antonia.


Dictionary of spoken Spanish

You know Isabel. He knows his father-in-law. We know you. You all know Juan. She knows Juana and Paco. Do you know my cats Fifi and Fufu? He doesn't know me. I know her. He knows him. You know us. You all know him. She knows them [m. Yes, I know them [m. Nobody here knows me. Whether you know a location inside out for example, your hometown or hardly at all such as wherever it was you went on a sixth-grade field trip , use conocer. Conozco Puerto Rico. Ella conoce Londres.

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Las aranas conocen bien mi sotano. La actriz conoce muy bien Hollywood. El conoce muy poco Melbourne. I am familiar with Puerto Rico. She has been to London. Spiders know my basement well. The actress knows Hollywood very well. He hardly knows Melbourne at all. Saber and conocer 61 Traduccion 1.

I don't know Chicago. The president knows Washington, D. The mayor knows the city weii. Dorothy knows Oz. Do you know Ireland? George knows the jungle la selva. The bird knows its tree el arbol. Whatever your area of expertise, you know that field; to say so, use conocer. Mi mecanico conoce bien los motores My mechanic knows German engines well. El fotografo conoce las camaras The photographer knows Japanese cameras. Juanito conoce los libros del Dr. Johnny knows Dr. The doctor knows the body well. The priest knows the Bible well. The hairdresser knows his clients' hair.

Bo knows basketball. The manicurist knows her clients' fingernails la una. The cook knows the food of Mexico. The architect knows the architecture of Chicago. The farmer knows the land. Traduccion vocabulario arreglar el cocinero conocer la esposa maravilloso la presentacion pues, Russian I don't know why, but i believe that I know you. Do you know my cousin, Enrique? Well, then you know that his wife knows how to speak Russian—but she can't read it. She has lots of wonderful parties, because she knows everybody and because she knows how to cook like a professional chef.

I know that you want to meet her. I'm going to arrange the introduction. Another word for the base is the stem. With regular verbs, the stem or base always stays the same. The verbs covered in this chapter show changes in the verb stem. Some of these verbs also show irregularities in the verb ending. The verb endings in the conjugation remain regular. If you were to draw a line around these changed verb forms, you would come up with something resembling a boot.

Why not just conjugate these verbs using the regular pattern covered in Chapter 1? The answer has to do with sound: Spanish is nothing if not mellifluous. Without the stem change, we would have forms such as almorzo, moro, and dormo. Not making the stem change will be painful to your delicate ears! I eat lunch. You eat lunch. The dog bites. We approve. You all beg. You show the house. She sleeps. We solve the problem. She wraps the gift. You return the shirt. The telephone rings. I find the money. We return. Dumbo flies. Jane toasts the bread.

We pray for peace. He dreams about a tiger. Posted by Unknown at AM 2 comments:. Labels: books. Posted by Matthew Mosley at PM 3 comments:. Los invitados comenzaron a llegar a las I miss those days when kids crowded the streets on Christmas Day. Those were the gifts in vogue in my youth. Where are the kids? Anyway, whatever kids are receiving today, I hope they are enjoying Christmas Day as much as I did years ago. Posted by Alex at PM 5 comments:. Labels: English , Facts of Life.

Behind Christmas Spirit. Behind the Christmas Spirit in Spain. Do you really think that families, which have most of their members unemployed, are happy? I am positive that what they really want is Christmas to pass as quickly as possible. These days, in which they could not possibly afford to give away a toy o whatever they wanted to their children or relatives, might become a torture for them. But, is it money needed to be happy? It is true that life is a set of things that make you smile, and money is not among them.

What we really need to be happy is very close to us and it is, in most cases, unnoticed. Little details, as a Christmas card from a friend one thought had forgotten you, your relatives giving you a phone call from overseas or having a meal around the table, in which the most important thing is to breathe the love in the air by the mere fact of seeing each other faces, might make your heart feels the joy of being life. Life is good and it is worth living it. They should feel shame by the actions they have been taken and have supposed a cut down in our civil rights and standard of living.

It is up to each other to try to overcome this situation and be happy, even at Christmas. Posted by Unknown at PM 3 comments:. Labels: Facts of Life. Yesterday, before going to work, I was watching the news whe suddenly a news impacted to me. In USA, there is girl, who is suffering from a serious illness.

I think she knows that this Christmas will be her last Christmas. She wanted people were to her house to sing her Christmas carols. People went to sing her. She lives in Pensilvania. It's a pity but in these cases everybody forget their stuff only to make easier her pain in her last days. Solidarity is the name of this act.

In my opinion, this kind of acts, make that Christmas have more sense. Live is unfair, because a little girl with a long life has to suffer to die. I wish nobody has to suffer. Merry Xmas. Posted by Unknown at AM 1 comment:. Ambas historias en el libro son fascinantes. Posted by Matthew Mosley at PM 1 comment:. Puedo acordarme de sus hermanos mayores haciendo lo mismo. Pero lo importante era hacer lo que quiso mi hija, y lo hicimos. All around Christmas! Tenemos ganas de celebrar la venida de Cristo, pero no estamos listos.

que compro el Ebook

No nos hemos preparado los corazones. No podemos tener una Navidad verdadera sin un Adviento concreto. Y los excesos comerciales, el enfoque exclusivo en cosas materiales, nos distraen de lo fundamental, la llegada de Cristo en el pasado, en el presente y en el futuro. Posted by Matthew Mosley at PM 2 comments:.

Vocaroo Voice Message comments about pronunciation can be interesting The bigger your purchases are, the happier you are, in others words, If you want to reach the happiness, go shopping!. This is the continuous message subliminal launched by advertising. Marketing plans our lives around shopping. Our parents, our family, our sons are expecting gifts. It is offensive to flee and your reputation is in danger. Is it possible to break free?. The power of trade is infinity. Just look to China, they begin to celebrate Christmas now, for first time.

Posted by Roberto at PM 6 comments:. El personal del laboratorio no era numeroso. Se trataba de especialistas altamente cualificados en diversos campos de la ciencia. El 4 de octubre de se produjo un incidente que puso al mundo al borde de una guerra nuclear. Esa luz indicaba que un misil nuclear estaba en modo de lanzamiento. Sin embargo, algunos astronautas no dudan en contar al mundo sus experiencias. Estaba justo enfrente de mi. Yo estoy familiarizado con toda clase de naves espaciales pero esa era diferente. El debate sobre los avistamientos realizados por astronautas estadounidenses sigue vivo.

Cada ser humano tiene derecho a saber la Verdad Avistamiento del sobrevuelo de un Ovni por pescadores lacustres rusos encima del lago ruso de la localidad de Robozero, Alexander Kazantsev Desierto de Kyzylkum Suceso de Tunguska. Rybinsk, Rusia. El Ataque de Baikonur. Vuelo de Aeroflot.

Gigantes del Parque Ruso. Contacto Voronez. Descifrando el enigma. Es interesante la forma de pensar de los rusos: en vez de trasladar el UFO a una zona militar secreta cercana para estudiarlo con tranquilidad al puro estilo Roswell , ordenan construir una zona militar secreta alrededor del UFO. Yo creo que si cogieron a alguno con vida, y tal como se las gastaba el KGB, el bicho no se iba a ir de rositas. Y esto es precisamente lo que hicieron los extraterrestres de Kapustin Yar. Entre los varios informes secretos que Edwards no pudo ver publicados, se ha conocido uno fundamental.

El que se refiere a los astronautas rusos que perdieron la vida en el espacio. Terentity Shiborin , perdido en ,. Piort Dolgev , desaparecido en ,. Wassilievch Zavadovsky , perdido en ,. El lanzamiento tuvo lugar desde Baikonur, base que los rusos tienen a orillas del mar Aral. Los hechos han demostrado todo lo contrario. Podemos probar de nuevo. Las primeras noticias se reciben con claridad.

BASE: - Permaneced atentos a los instrumentos Empiece otra vez Es necesario que controlen todo y comuniquen cualquier incidencia. Es absolutamente necesario. Estamos en peligro El primero tuvo lugar el 12 de abril de Fue el Vodstok, tripulado por Yuri Gagarin. Un mes exacto antes, en el vuelo orbital, el mayor Gordon Cooper se vio repentinamente seguido por una misteriosa luz verde de cola roja en su Son ellos En unas manifestaciones exclusivas para "Time Life Inc.

En julio de , los astronautas americanos del Apolo XI, Armstrong, Aldrin y Collins, consiguen el primer alunizaje. Asmstrong pisa por primera vez la Luna. Mientras Aldrin desplegaba el aluminio en forma de pantalla para recoger el viento solar, sobre el horizonte negro aparecieron dos puntos luminosos que se fueron acercando y agrandando hasta definirse como dos naves.

Las fotos que hicieron los astronautas aparecieron en la prensa, pero luego fueron censuradas. Los tres astronautas no fueron capaces de hacer nada. De todos modos, los rusos saben mucho sobre la Luna. Al ocurrir o realizarse artificialmente un terremoto, su masa vibra sin freno alguno externo hasta que las oscilaciones no se liberen solas. El terremoto provocado por los astronautas del Apolo XII, ha sido de modesta intensidad. Importantes declaraciones oficiales. Se dirigieron al lado oculto. Santo cielo, se vuelve contra mi! Entonces recibe la orden terminante de abandonar la Luna.

Dolgov fue encontrado muerto en el suelo, asfixiado. Pero la tragedia se aproximaba. Comprendan, comprendan Desde la Tierra le pidieron conseguir una muestra. He conseguido una muestra! No pensaba en esto.

Full text of "Spanish Language Learning Pack"

Los aparatos fallan. Glenn Jr. Aunque la verdad no la sabremos nunca. Por Philip Mantle y Paul Stonehill. Es madre de dos hijas y abuela de tres nietos. Cada uno de nosotros tiene poder para afectar de modo positivo o negativo este campo. Todo lo negativo, como el odio y el miedo, inciden en el estado del planeta.

Los elementos son como los anticuerpos planetarios. El planeta, como si se tratase de un cuerpo enfermo, reacciona con anticuerpos naturales para curar este campo en desarreglo. El planeta responde al odio y al amor. Existe evidencia de visitas extraterrestres en todo el mundo. Esto ya no puede ni debe ser ocultado al mundo. Todo lo que se ha investigado al respecto debe ser revelado.

Existieron contactos en el espacio entre cosmonautas y seres de otros mundos. Uno de los periodistas de la mesa le pregunta si el presidente tiene o maneja archivos secretos sobre extraterrestres. Otro dato a tomar en cuenta, es que estas declaraciones las hizo of the record. Es decir, hay forman menos arriesgadas para levantar una cortina de humo. Lo cierto es que hemos querido dar nuestro punto de vista, a riesgo, como hemos dicho, de estar completamente equivocados. Pero este es nuestro punto de vista, y hemos querido lanzarnos a la piscina en este asunto y especular un poco sobre el tema.

La cosmonauta rusa Dra. Sc, Ph. Es autora de nueve libros y guiones de dos. Una fuente afirma , "la Dra. Marina Popovich. Cataclismos predichos por pictogramas ET. De los mega-tsunamis golpear la costa este de Nueva Zelanda y Australia. Evidencia de apoyo del inminente cataclismo potencial de tierra. Para los griegos, Tyche era la diosa responsable del destino de las ciudades.

Tiempo A. Su sitio web se afirma ahora que la primera "pre-cataclismo" puede ocurrir a finales de agosto de Por favor vea:. Tiempo urgencia -. Este es el tiempo entre el final de la primera pre-cataclismo y antes de la segunda. La primera pre-cataclismo, tal como se entiende ETC, debe ser necesariamente requiere -. Eso es todo lo necesario! Pero no hay otra manera. Continue reading on Examiner. Marina Popovich a la cabeza. Nos siguieren que ya hay que dejar de discutir si los OVNis existen o no! Rusia pide a Obama: Hablale al mundo sobre los extraterrestres, o lo haremos nosotros.

Mapa del sitio. Dos grandes columnas de fuego se dieron a conocer, uno en el este y el otro en el oeste, y al moverse la forma de la letra A. Este documento es muy interesante, ya que describe los patrones de vuelo. La nave tiene la forma de una "luna de cohetes" y es del siglo 15 y se encuentra en Kiev ver foto.