Desire of the Phantom [Ecstasy in the Old West] (Siren Publishing Classic)

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Seismic Shift He was packing for a trek through roughest Afghanistan when the world shook. Sometimes adventure has to wait. King of the Dirtbags Going core with Yvon Chouinard-leery capitalist, walking contradiction That's Entertainment Scenes from the Gorge Games, and looking for the new face of adventure World of Hurt Injury, pain, the psychology of recovery, and getting back on the trail Better Shape Up Once a nation of adventure-athletes, America is getting fatter by the day. Temple of Zoom A speed ascent of a Grand Canyon spire proves that light is right Bleeding Hearts Of baboon lust, ibex ballets, and the necessity of the African wolf.

The Universal Guide to Hitchhiking Time was, you could crisscross America with nothing but a rucksack and a thumb. You still can, if you know how. The Hard Way Halfway up Ben Nevis, splayed against hollow ice like a cat clinging to a curtain blown out the window of a skyscraper, I realize that falling is out of the question.

Spin the Globe and Go Why travel to remote places? Why bother with the hassle, the expense, the danger? Because it's actually cheap, intoxicating, and easy. Voyage Between the Wars Some peaceful recreation on a journey from Gallipoli to Troy, where the echoes of war never die Companions in Misery A cold mountain, a mismatched pair, and a meditation on the strange chemistry of partnership Breathless Heights If you want to get high, there's still a price to be paid for invading the towering ranges-despite some newfangled shortcuts Give 'Em Enough Rope Has this tired old world been explored-out?

Not Down Under, where uncharted, bottomless slot canyons hide just west of Sydney.

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Testosterone Alfresco Once a year, the adventurous Jenkins boys will be boys, reforging the bonds of brotherly affection by nearly killing themselves The Shaggy Tremendous Shape An outsized wilderness lives on in mythic dreams and salvaged hope Instant Karma Take three travelers, a nation of Buddhists, and one unfortunate rodent. Add a forbidden journey and a dark childhood secret, and you could have the time of your lives. Tombstone White The treacherous history of the Matterhorn can be read in books and snowy graveyards, but to write it you've got to survive it Crossing to Safety From beginning to middle to end and back again, one adventure leads to another.

So hold tight-it's a long ride Truth or Consequences Does wildnerness therapy help troubled kids? After a gang of teenagers staged a violent mutiny in the badlands of Utah, we joined the search for answers. Confessions of a Solo Climber A partner drops out, one thing leads to another, and suddenly our hero finds that peer pressure has him fighting for his life An Un-American Activity What gets the equivalent of 1, miles per gallon, doesn't pollute, will save the world, and transports you in breezy style?

Your bike First and Last Ascents The rules there are only three of them remain the same for a lifetime, and they come from the mouths of babes A Storm in the Distance The come-on: Grab two hours of challenging fun and fast adventure.

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But when a dark wall of water swept away lives and reputations, the question became: Why? Burma or Bust A half-mad dash to Hkakabo Razi seemed like a good idea at the time. And hey, how tough can it be to sneak past the Chinese Army? Sebastian Junger is fascinated with "extreme situations and people at the edges of things," and his expertise in covering dangerous work across the globe has garnered him the National Magazine Award for Reporting. The author of The Perfect Storm and Fire , Junger has traveled the world in his pursuit of covering life on the edge.

He's worked as a special correspondent in Afghanistan, reported on the LURD besiegement of Monrovia in Liberia, human rights abuses in Sierra Leone, war crimes in Kosovo, the peacekeeping mission in Cypress, wildfire in the American West, guerilla war in Afghanistan, and hostage-taking in Kashmir. He has also worked as a freelance radio correspondent during the war in Bosnia.

A Literary Life

Junger is a native New Englander and a graduate of Wesleyan University. After a chainsaw injury he suffered while working as a high-climber for tree-removal companies, Junger switched gears to focus on journalism, primarily writing about people with dangerous jobs, from fire fighting to offshore drilling to commercial fishing, which led to his feature in Outside entitled, "The Storm," which led to the international best seller The Perfect Storm. The Whale Hunters The world wants them to stop, but it's the trade of their grandfathers.

With a harpoon and their wits, they ply the waters of the Caribbean in search of their ton prey. And when they're gone, it all goes with them. Going to the Source He was almost everything a year-old boy thought he wanted to become. A fixture of Midwestern wit and humor for over 30 years, Garrison Keillor has contributed articles to Outside on the virtues of warm boots and the appeal of the outdoor life. Born in Anoka, Minnesota, in and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Keillor has spent most of his professional life on the radio.

His live music and drama show, "A Prairie Home Companion," celebrated its 30th anniversary in , and is heard by four million listeners each Saturday night on over public radio stations. Keillor is the author of numerous novels and essays that draw heavily from his Midwestern roots, including his most recent book on politics, Homegrown Democrat He also writes regularly for Time , Salon. Keillor is most famous for stories about his fictionalized Minnesota hometown, Lake Woebegon, whose residents embody America's quirky rural values.

At the conclusion of each broadcast of "A Prairie Home Companion," Keillor launches into the "News from Lake Woebegon," a rambling monologue on the lives of the town's stoic, phlegmatic families that regular listeners know like their neighbors. Books by Jon Krakauer.

Born in Crovallis, Oregon, Krakauer graduated from Hampshire College and then spent his time as a carpenter and commercial salmon fisherman in locales such as Colorado and Alaska before pursuing a career as a journalist. In May Krakauer joined an expedition to summit Mt. A storm blanketed the peak after they successfully reached the summit. And on the descent, four of five of Krakauer's teammates died. An analysis of the calamity that he wrote for Outside received the National Magazine Award for Reporting in He is also the author of the Outside feature "Death of an Innocent," the tragic tale of Chris McCandless, which later expanded into the book Into the Wild.

He is also the author of Eiger Dreams and most recently, Under the Banner of Heaven , an examination of the nature of religious passion through the lens of Mormon Fundamentalism. You can find stories by Jon Krakauer on Byliner. Outside 's Review of Into the Wild. Born in in New York City, Peter Matthiessen courted a literary life from an early age-graduating from Yale University in and immediately joining The Paris Review as a founding editor.

A novelist and a writer of natural history, he is best known for his explorations of the hidden parts of the globe through both imagined characters and his own journalistic adventures.

For Outside , Matthiessen offered his view on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in a February article by traveling through the disputed region to discover what really is there. He also sought out one of the world's largest terrestrial predators, the Bengal tigers of India, for a story in In addition to his novels, which include At Play in the Fields of the Lord , Matthiessen's parallel career as a naturalist and adventurer has led to several thoughtful and influential books about the precarious position of the natural world.

Africa has been the subject of many of these books, including The Tree Where Man Was Born , a wide-ranging journey through the Great Rift Valley savannas where modern humans evolved, and African Silences , which recounts Matthiessen's overland and aerial travels between West and East Africa to discover the terrible impact of the continent's chaos and wars on its wildlife. His efforts to publicize the plight of Africa's ecosystems led to his receipt of the African Wildlife Leadership Foundation Award in Matthiessen was twice nominated for the National Book Award before winning it in with The Snow Leopard , the story of his pursuit of an extremely rare Asian leopard in the remote Dolpa region of Nepal and Tibet.

Footprints in the Last Wild Place As the political controversy over the future of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge reignites, a journey across ANWR's disputed territory explores the realities of a place where wildlife, native traditions, and the search for oil converge in fateful proximity Burning Bright Dreams of Bengal tigers and visions of imminent extinction led Peter Matthiessen to a predator's last stronghold in the jungles of India.

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It was a place, the author discovered, where not seeing is believing. New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean is one of America's leading literary journalists. Before joining the New Yorker as a staff writer in she was a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and Vogue. She is the author of a number of books, including, The "Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup: My Encounters with Ordinary People," a collection of stories which includes the title piece first featured in Outside ; "Red Sox and Blue Fish," a compilation of columns she wrote for the Globe Sunday Magazine ; "Saturday Night," a journal of essays which chronicle the Saturday nights she spent in communities across the country; and "The Orchid Thief," a narrative about orchid poachers in Florida that inspired the film Adaptation.

She lives in Manhattan and Boston with her husband.

Desire of the Phantom (Siren Publishing Classic)

It Sweats. It's Crazy with Life. The Fakahatchee harbors many strange things reluctant to come out. So you need to be willing to go in after them. Attempting Mount Fuji, where nature, religion, sport, and schlock form the most holy of alliances La Matadora Revisa Su Maquillaje The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup In the dusty years of refined yet raw Spanish ritual, one young matador stands quite apart from the others. A former Peace Corps volunteer in the eastern Caribbean, Shacochis currently teaches in the graduate writing programs at Bennington College and Florida State.

He is the author of two short story collections, Easy in the Islands and The Next New World ; a novel, Swimming in the Volcano ; and a collection of essays about food and love entitled Domesticity. His most recent book, The Immaculate Invasion , about the military intervention in Haiti, was recently a finalist for the New Yorker Magazine Literary Awards for best non-fiction book of the year, and named a Notable Book of by the New York Times. His op-ed commentaries on the U. Code Orange Best-selling novelist and serial muckraker Carl Hiaasen is mad as hell about what they're doing to Florida.

His revenge? Vicious mockery of Sunshine State sleazeballs and greedy eco-thugs. An equally pissed-off Bob Shacochis tags along for a day of fantasy bonefishing and literary whup-ass. Kingdoms in the Air This is the story of a man from the West who came seeking the heart of the East. In , photographer Thomas Laird became the first foreigner to live in Nepal's kingdom of Mustang as the forbidden Shangri-la prepared to open its borders to trekkers and trade. But when the prodigal son returned to see what ten years of the West had done to his beloved East, he found that everything-and nothing-had changed.

Near Wild Heaven This dream land of owning it-where does it start, how deep is it rooted? Neither the beginning nor the end of a journey toward the lightness of being but, for me, more of the same, surfwise, selfwise, further evidence of the cosmic truth inherent in the mocking axiom, You should have been here yesterday. Yesterday, in fact, is the stale cake of many an aging surfer. Yesterday is what I walked away from, determined to someday again lick the frosting from the sea-blue bowl.

First, think how much you want it in your belly. As the curtain rises on the new frontier of adventure outfitting, attendees include your guide he's the one with the armored vehicle , the local businessman he's the one with the machine gun , the UN environmentalist he's the nervous-looking one , and your fellow tourists they'll be arriving any moment now. Please enjoy the show. There Must Be a God In Haiti Beyond the madness, beyond the fatalism he had succumbed to, was a far more complicated and blessed place.

A possibly redemptive journey through history's most battered nation. As close as the Caribbean and a universe away. Sides is currently at work on his next project, a narrative history of the conquest and exile of the Navajo. Six-Shooter Lance's Tour victory was almost a loss-in his own words, he "dodged a bullet. A revealing interview with the greatest rider on earth. Beastmaster With exploding ratings and a new book-not to mention a wardrobe makeover! The Birdman Drops In What's it like defying gravity for a living? It's pretty sweet, bro. The mega-life of Tony Hawk.

Crawl Space You're trapped underground with an inch of air to breathe? Buddy Lane is on the way. Certainly not into the Sahara, not to race miles in seven days, not to broil beneath a degree sky, not to seek glory in the Marathon des Sables, the world's most brutal run. Which leaves us a question: Just who are these fools? And it was good. Later came KOAs and solar showers and freeze-dried. And they were bad. So let's go back. Way back. Only Jehovah could have done it better. She has written on politics, travel, farming, horse training, child-rearing, literature, impulse buying, getting dressed, marriage, and many other topics.

In she was inducted into the Academy of Arts and Letters. She lives in Northern California. What Scares Me Fear of whitewater, bats, and ticks My Gelding, Myself How passion crosses the line into not-quite-respectable obsession: The complicated joys of horse ownership. Patrick Symmes. He has traveled amongst Maoist insurgents in Nepal, profiled gangs in Brazil specializes in profiles of guerrilla groups and criminal gangs.

The Kabul Express In the sixties and seventies it was the hippie trail that brought foreigners to Afghanistan. Two decades of war and terror later, Kabul is a nonstop rave of Cs, NGOs, soldiers, and spooky nation-builders. Everybody wants a piece of it. And they're willing to go to war to get it. Blood Wood Remember the rainforest? Fourteen years after the martyrdom of Brazilian activist Chico Mendes, environmentalists are once again being murdered, while illegal logging pushes deeper into the world's last great tropical jungle.

In this investigative report, Patrick Symmes follows the money, the mahogany, and the mafias-and goes underground to join a brave new eco-crusader with a price on his head. The Ghost of Shipwrecks Future Diving on lost ships is one thing. Exploring the boat that shadowed your life is a murkier adventure entirely. The royal family has been murdered.

Maoist guerrillas prowl the countryside, fomenting agrarian revolution. Kathmandu has succumbed to general strikes and indiscriminate bombings. And everybody's got his own pet conspiracy theory. Is this in the Himalayas, or the next Asian apocalypse in the making? Sheiks and Freaks The rise and fall and exile and triumphant possible return of Rod of Massachusetts to the battle-torn bedouin Kingdom of Dahab Chasing Mackenzie's Ghost According to legend, New Zealand's South Island was formed when the dawn froze shipwrecked gods into mountains.

There are worse places to spend eternity. When the henchmen of Cambodia throw down the welcome mat for tourism, the neighborly thing to do is come calling. Vaughn lives in Montana. Yeah, baby! Hop on a bike for a long, winding tour through the gourmet sweet spots of southern France. To Hell and Back Don't cry for L. OK, maybe cry a little. Raising North Dakota Horrible winters. A dwindling, aging population. Abandoned farms reverting to prairie grass.

Perfect, says our writer Birds on a Wire Sex. Family values. Lumber Whack The sweet science of chopping a huge tower of wood Survive This! Skating Home Backward How one man transformed vile, polluted, dank little swamp into the perfect glassy ice pond.

A Wetland Restoration Comedy. A rather silly journey in search of a very special place. Brad Wetzler Brad Wetzler. Brad Wetzler is a former Senior Editor at Outside and current contributing editor who also pens the magazine's monthly "Wild File" column. He specializes in travel writing beyond the bounds of most adventurers, epitomized by his feature on Bohemian trekkers in Eastern Europe, "Is Just Like Amerika! Wetzler also originated the idea to send Outside Editor-at-Large Jon Krakauer on his expedition to the summit of Mount Everest, the disastrous culmination of which spawned Krakauer's best-selling book, Into Thin Air.

Or does it? Ski Naked What do you get when you bus two dozen high school seniors from the Nebraska flatlands to the peaks of Colorado for their first winter trip to the Rockies? You get an all-American rite of passage, gangsta rap, and terror on the bunny slope. You get kissy-face, rough surf in the hot tub, flaming stogies, brazen thongs, and a blizzard of memories that will last forever.

Reinhold Don't Care What You Think A quarter-century after he changed everything by summiting Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, Reinhold Messner is looking fit, feeling adventurous, and acting about as mellow as a snapping turtle. Ah, well: Great men aren't always sweethearts-and Messner is still the best there ever was.

Sleep on ground. Fight angry pigs. Eat very special sausage. Tramp across land without vowels. Go east, American friend, and discover why hordes of weekend hobos, lawmen, cowboys, and Indians are searching for the Wild and Crazy West in the woods of the Czech Republic. Jocko's Rocket Will the car of the future come screaming out of the Mojave desert? One Small Step for Man. Another dreams it up. After all, Magellan circled the world centuries ago. Stanley hacked a path deep into the Congo back in the s. And Tenzing and Hillary knocked off Everest two generations past.

Which leaves history-book hopefuls like Lonnie Dupre in an awful bind. Yes he might become the very first person to circumnavigate Greenland. But will anyone give a damn? Cheeky Bit of Ocean There, What? Exactly why are two young Brits pedaling, pedal-boating, and cross-dressing their way around the globe? Splendid question. They're still trying to come up with a logical answer.?

Masters of the Sandlot All recreational sport is really quite simple: You run. You jump. You throw. What's more, it's pretty easy to get good at these things. Should fortune, fame, and flabby acolytes be your heart's desire, the first American sumo champion suggests thinking really, really big. Bucky McMahon was born in Atlanta, Georgia in , the youngest of four siblings and doubtless the beneficiary of the Roman Catholic ban on birth control.

Nevertheless, a certain winsome helplessness and beaver-like dentition christened Michael, he was soon known as Bucky preserved him through the "dark years" until the sudden eruption of consciousness--or memory, at least--chasing a butterfly, net cocked overhead, into screeching traffic in Coral Gables, Florida.

His other family nickname, acquired soon after, was "Nature Boy," for the many small animals he captured and brought home to be his totems. In the family relocated to Neptune Beach, where the young dude became a fanatical surfer and tireless player of pick-up sports of all kinds. He did not apply himself academically, attended college reluctantly, and affects to remember much of this poorly.

After a series of Raymond Carver-esque dead-end jobs, complicated by not quite Carver-esque drinking, he declared a "do-over," returned to college, and, paying for the classes himself, actually attended them faithfully. While a graduate student at the Florida State University Creative Writing Department, he began publishing short fiction, a comic strip Fat Rabbit, with Tim Hoomes , as well as a weekly humor column, "Barmadillo," for the Tallahassee Democrat.

In , he published his first feature article for Outside magazine. His yarns have been anthologized in the Best American series, once for Travel and once for Sports. A certain sentence, long and spiraling, and right on the gleeful brink of syntactical smashup, was chosen as one of the 70 greatest sentences by Esquire magazine along with efforts from old friends Ernest "Papa" Hemingway and Scottie Fitzgerald. In he was awarded a novelty plaque by his sister, Molly, which reads, "If you haven't grown up by the age of fifty, you don't have to.

Where the Walking Shark Lives It's the antithesis of the bleached-out, overfished reefs that divers find around the world—a place where the sea is still bursting with life, and hope for the ocean endures. Pull on a tank in Indonesia's remote Raja Ampat and witness diving's final frontier.

Pinto Mean! The perils of raising a grumpy colt. I say they're evil. Jungle Gym Welcome to Bigfoot's winter hideaway, where unclimbed mountains, roaring whitewater, and a new luxury eco-lodge await you. Field Notes: Cirque du Sailor Amid big-league swells, the world's fastest ocean race runs aground in Baltimore. Surfing The clan with a plan.

Bag It Remember, whatever you pack, someone has to carry. A few tips on what to leave home without. The Punks A few words on those priceless athletes who dare to be unlikable. Deeper To the peerless Moles, practitioners of the gloomily claustrophobic sport of freshwater spelunking, the ultimate accomplishment is finding a virgin cave. Livestock drained of blood, entrails. Citizens ignore authorities' appeal for calm. The Hydroponic Dreams of Laird Hamilton He was born in a bathysphere, baptized in surfboard resin, raised in the rainforest in Hawaii.

Who else is ready to ride the biggest wave on earth? Tim Zimmermann. Tim Zimmermann is a writer, sailor and blogger. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife Ilana, and their two children. For updates from his world, follow him on Twitter. None came back alive. Thirty-nine years later, Tim Zimmermann examines how one wrong decision in the wild can change the course of history. It's Hard Out Here for A Shrimp What swims at 20 miles per hour, can carve out hunks of human flesh, and will attack anything that moves?

The Humboldt squid. Brace yourself for a dive with the eeriest beast in the ocean. Claudio Stampi teaches endurance sailors how to perform better on minimal sleep. The secret, he says, is learning how to power-nap. Raising the Dead At the bottom of the biggest underwater cave in the world, diving deeper than almost anyone had ever gone, Dave Shaw found the body of a young man who had disappeared ten years earlier. What happened after Shaw promised to go back is nearly unbelievable—unless you believe in ghosts. Record Collector You better grab a lifeline and hold on tight when Steve Fossett decides to make another manic bid for glory.

Knives in the Water Clip in and hang on for the 31st America's Cup—a game of skill, guile, wealth, power, pettiness, paranoia, espionage, and egomania. And the sailing's not bad, either. Steven Rinella Photo by Matt Rafferty. Is it like the Friday market? What are its advantages for me?

What are its disadvantages? What does it mean that Israel will have hegemony over this market? How can I prevent this hegemony? The word "hegemony" itself … what does it mean? In a state of war, no one argues … or asks questions. Question: Is it possible to transform the mental state of war into actual war? The answer: Yes … when people overdose on it, in the hope of reaching a higher level of ecstasy, resulting from the absence of consciousness.

Put a large quantity of weapons and ammunition in a bag, add a dash of lies and illusions, throw in a number of irresponsible men, seal the bag and leave it in an open place among people. Before traveling to Israel, I spoke with many friends who opposed my trip. I listened carefully to everything they said. I feared I was missing some angle or key element that would lead to my harming the interests of the Egyptian people. But all I heard were excuses, arising from a mental state of war, from hatred. The only difference between them and me is that I want to get rid of this hatred.

I decided to participate in the creation of peace. Peace is also a mental state. I must drive myself and others to enter such a state. I have great faith that this will be easiest for those who seek freedom. A young man was singing, the melody was sad and beautiful, with a sweet, consoling refrain. The song is in Hebrew but the tune is familiar. Should I ask the driver for the name of the song and singer? We got out of the taxi and walked a bit while I hummed the refrain. We crossed the street, sat down in a cafe, and the tune disappeared from my mind.

I should have asked the driver! Suddenly the tune returned again but in another form, in different garb.

China and the West at the Crossroads

Yes … I know that tune! My mind turned to the topic of the Israeli cultural invasion of Egypt. But who is invading whom? And with what weapons? Where are the casualties, the prisoners, and the ceasefire in this cultural invasion? In the past, the cries of alarm against a cultural invasion were generally directed against the West. Now the cries of alarm more narrowly warn of an Israeli cultural invasion, which will happen while the Arabs are "hurrying towards peace.

We falsely depict life and treat this fabricated depiction as if it were life itself. When the depiction is full of phantoms, then we waste our lives building fortresses and citadels to defend ourselves against them. How can I protect myself from this invasion? What should I do to confront these lethal weapons?

Imagine that Israel is the temptress of the folk tales, the voice of seduction luring you to desire and destruction, the siren of Greek mythology and of the Thousand and One Nights. She sings a captivating song, she possesses an enchanting voice that will lure you away and drag you to the bottom of the Nile. Plug your ears and become deaf. How can I possibly protect my mind? Praise the Lord! Now you are safe and secure in your own heritage, in your national and ethnic culture.

Amin is an intellectual who will differ with you in a civilized way, without thinking of slaughtering you or beseeching God to strike you dead. Naguib Mahfouz listened to him and waited for him to finish. Then Mahfouz asked: "Do you actually think Israel is capable of doing this to us? It creates an atmosphere of tumult and blackmail among intellectuals, and sows fear without justification among the young generation. They are still in search of the truth and of themselves, at the beginning of their literary and artistic paths.

This atmosphere consigns them to misery and despair, affects their production, and strips them of the power and creativity that depend on an accurate take on reality. Their defeat becomes victory and victory defeat. Cowards are brave and weakness is strength. Border I left Haifa in the afternoon on my way south to the Egyptian border. I hate driving in cities, but I love long drives since the features around me change at every moment, as though I am making the changes.

It allows my thoughts to flow freely. There is no end to the pain felt by most people when you suddenly raise their curtain of illusions and lies. After the storm subsides, however, younger generations may consider my trip calmly and discover what I want them to discover—that the condition of mental war is defective and obscures the sun of freedom and development.

Between Israel and us there are no minefields, only the paved roads that I traveled. Now I must divest myself of the proceeds of my thoughts. I started the motor and took off toward the border fence. I turned right, driving on an unpaved road, the barbed wire of the border on my left. Over the border, two Egyptian soldiers were standing in a watchtower. I pressed on the gas pedal and honked the horn. The two soldiers saw the Egyptian license plate and began shouting and cheering. And why did the two soldiers cheer? Why did I shed a tear?

I finished the Israeli customs and passport procedures and calmly approached the Egyptian border gate. A police lieutenant and two corporals stood up and looked at me and my car in amazement. The lieutenant took my passport, threw me a glance, then said: "Yes, mister? My confidence in the Egyptian bureaucracy is non-existent.

61 Best Phantom Threads images in | Vintage fashion, Fashion History, Costume Design

Is it possible that in my absence they issued a decree not allowing Egyptians to return from abroad? I said to him, attempting to sound natural: "What is it, my son? He called his chief who gave permission for me to enter. Was I really returning to Egypt? By God, I never left her and she will never leave me for one moment. Istanbul's Election Puzzle. Are the Insurgencies Truly Over?